Being a Boss ft. Paola Ochoa

Being a Boss ft. Paola Ochoa

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This October, for Twyla's Bling Edit; I wanted to bring someone in the influential community that helps teen girls and women grow and learn more about how to build their empire, her name is Paola Ochoa. 

Paola is a Mexican Teen Entrepreneur and Content creator based in San Diego, California- she started creating her own empire at the very early age of 16! with her social media agency and then she became inspired to start her non-profit organization: Teen Boss Babes and building her personal social media profile where she showcases: fashion, lifestyle, and more!

At the present time, Paola's project: Teen Boss Babes is a non-profit organization that works to connect teens with other creative-driven teens to collaborate and build a community of support through: tips, tricks, advice and so much more. Team Teen Boss Babes has been able to connect over 20,000+ teens across the globe, to further expand their options and knowledge about how to properly pursue their passions with the adequate community and support. Paola is the embodiment of a true Teen Boss Babe, apart from being the founder of this incredible organization for social good, she has results- as she is a full-time content creator, in Paola's words "I started my content creator journey by switching my mindset and saying I'm gonna start today and do this full-time!" We  believe she is being a successful leader at inspiring teens to pursue their passions as creatives, and entrepreneurs in their adolescence inspiring them through every step of the way to never give up on their vision.

Paola with her award she won for Teen Boss Babes. Source:

Although Paola's life seems like the dream every entrepreneurial teen wants to live, it has not been easy to get where she currently is. In High School, Paola's dreams and vision would not be taken seriously, perhaps because of her age but most likely because others wouldn't believe someone so close to them would make it so far. Students and even teachers would laugh at her dream, and her vision. Since the beginning Paola has been wholeheartedly passionate about her mission and vision, and she didn't let vicious comments get to her, she was resilient because she knew that she would realize her dreams, become the inspiring woman she is now, and craft the dream lifestyle she has now. No one's life is perfect, and we always need something to fuel our motivation which is what drives our action, Paola's fuel that she keeps as a constant would be engaging with other creatives. Whether it be engaging at influencer events or on social media, she always strives to be active at motivating others, with simple acts such as competing on their posts, or complimenting other creators.

Paola at Vogue World, Vogue's exclusive NYFW event. Source: Paola's Instagram

There's always that special person behind the scenes, that has been through all the tears and joys. Paola's special person is Paula, her CFO at Teen Boss Babes. Paola says "She has been always there in the business side and friendship wise, and more, I am so gratify to have her in my life and as a part of my journey"

Dear reader, I hope you empowered yourself with this piece, to continue with your passion and to turn others' hatred into creating your support system which is held within yourself. As Paola says "Be passionate about your vision and gear your mindset towards your goal" 

Paola Ochoa's Information:

Instagram: @paola.ochoaa / @teenbossbabes

TikTok: @paola.ochoaa

Website: /


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This was so empowering! Congratulations Paola and Paula💐💐💐


this was nice, i want to be an influencer but its hard here in UK


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