Blog: Empowering Feminine Energy by Twyla

Issue N 1: Empowering Feminine Energy

Some Thoughts on Feminine Energy Empowerment

Empowering may not seem like an easy task, but in reality, all of us have the power to empower.

  • Self Empowerment

As a woman, it is my duty to serve other women with my energy. One of the most influential habits that helped me to empower the feminine energy within myself was how I present myself. I present myself to Life when I wear clothes that inspire me to tap into my feminine energy, when I retouch the perfection of my skin with makeup like a beautiful canvas, when I have my nails and hair done. Working toward the best version of myself, not the best version in terms of looks, but more in terms of feeling inwardly aglow and mesmerizing every second. I felt this when I wore the Blair ruffle dress, which is so dreamy - and empowering! Another way I work to empower myself is by setting boundaries with certain people who lower my standards, distract me from my goals and interfere with my established routine.

  • Empowering Other Women

You don't know it yet, and neither did I. As I walked down the street, the supermarket, the office, University, as I unraveled myself through life, I began to see that I could have a positive impact on others. No one told me this directly. But fellow students at college, for example, would ask "Why do you dress so elegantly? We’re just at Uni," to which I would reply: "Because there is no occasion in which I should look or feel less than I deserve." They would then clap and gave me a hug. The confident energy I radiated by wearing clothes that made me feel good would light up the room and other beautiful women would also want to light up the room, and so they did. Instead of putting me down, they got inspired - and empowered. Looking the way you dream to look does play a part in this journey of Life. When you are truly yourself, you can really make someone’s day and even help enlighten their purpose. So do wear those fancy clothes, put on that makeup and never forget to smile and give the best treatment to everyone you meet in this beautiful sequence of events called "Life". The best part of self-empowerment is that we can all do it! Every day is a brand new chance to pamper ourselves with a routine and add our favorite and most productive things to it.

  • Feminine Energy

Focusing on improving our style and beauty does help us tap in to our empowered selves as a woman. But truly, it is deeper than that. Feminine energy has always been synonymPID with creation - after all, it is we women who create and nurture others. We've been doing this for millennia: nurturing and giving life. It is now time to start nurturing our creative ideas, our grand ambitions and our enthralling energy.


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I agree with the previous comments💕 it was a very nice piece.


I love this. You should move through life deliberately. That which you can control you should not leave to chance. Change the world by first changing yourself.


Empowering women also empowers men.


Love it! Simple steps to follow to a positive attitude, which is something every woman should have.


Loved the piece. I like the positive attitude and the simple steps to make us feel better and empowered.


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