Joy Stanley Miami Dade College

Behind the scenes of Success ft. Joy Stanley

Today I wanted to interview someone who always makes an impact in their college, and inspires leadership wherever she goes and truly inspires other students specially women that with the right attitude and the right effort, they too can do it! So, I decided to get personal and asked her some questions on how to obtain success and recognition as a successful young woman pursuing her education.

Joy Stanley

I really loved interviewing Joy, as she was so wholehearted throughout the entire interview, and truly shared her deepest sincere emotions to us. What inspires her to keep going every day is thinking about her future, and also reminiscing about dark paths she has chosen in the past. Now, she is envisioned for an entrepreneurial future, and she is committed to making strategic decisions to make the name for herself that she deserves, as she has been doing. As well as, making meaningful connections that will open many doors in her future.

  • What are those things that Joy looks forward in the future and as a professional?

Mainly, Joy strives to living a life of philanthropy within the community and serving as a positive influence to those who need it most. She also looks forward to building a family, and providing her family with the home they always dreamt of, even if it is as simple as fixing the home they currently have. As for her professional career, she is working hard to become a FBI agent.

  • What are things that Joy does in her daily life that help her in her path to success?

One of the main things that she makes sure to serve with due diligence and discipline is scheduling her appointments, classes and arrangements.

"No matter what I do I always go to my calendar" 

To ensure that she will achieve everything on a timely manner, and have some time for herself to travel and enjoy self-care activities.

"I take the time to exercise daily, go to the gym, and even if it is just walking around and listening to nature" 

The Joy that is seen at Miami-Dade College, consequently networking and making an impact at the college is not an easy task. Joy's reflection of success is the embodiment that kindness can take you far, but hard work can take you farther.

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