"Love Thyself" SS23 Collection

"Love Thyself" SS23 Collection

This collection is inspired on a love story written by a woman for herself, all about how she blossomed into her dream life in spring, and what she did that made her fall in love with herself, and appreciate every detail in her soft life. She empowered herself when she remembered who she was, and what made her unique. She knew that when she wore her uniqueness and her essence, she inspired others. She recognized her body as a temple, and she was comfortable with her soft femininity, people could tell, and so she empowered others to feel like her, too.

Enamored and Lovely Dresses


Tea Cups


Dream-Driven blazer


Heavenly dress


"Brilliance Dress"


"Passionate Blouse"


"Confident" set


"Empowered" blouse


"Divine" set


"Glorious" set


"Ambitious" blazer

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